Let us help answer some of your questions.

Where are you located?

We are located in Alvaton, Kentucky. Right outside of Bowling Green, Kentucky

What puppies do you have available?

We have a tab listed at the top of the page as "Puppies" with a drop down menu listed as "Available Puppies" where you can find the current available puppies.

Where do I find information and pictures about the parents of the available puppies?

We have a tab at the top of the page listed as "Our Adults" which has information for each individual sire/dam.

Do you offer Full Registration aka Breeding Rights?

No. Our goal is to find a loving home for each of our puppies to be a forever pet/companion.  In select cases, we may decide to allow breeding rights to certain breeders.

Do you dock tails or remove declaws?

No. We feel Aussies are beautiful exactly the way they come. Feel Free to read the tab at the top of the page called "Natural Tails" for more information.

Do you do Genetic Testing?

Yes. Our adults are genetic tested through Paw Print Genetics and their sister company Canine Health Check. For individual disease testing, we use Gensol. Test Results can be found under each individual adult dogs link.

How do I "RESERVE" a puppy?

First, you must fill out our Puppy Questionnaire, which helps us determine if our puppy is the right fit for you and your lifestyle.

Once approved, a Deposit can be placed via PayPal, Venmo or Zelle. Cash if made in person.

What if I'm not sure and need a couple of days to decide if I should place a deposit on a puppy?

We encourage anyone who is interested in a puppy to do research on the breed and to really consider all options before placing a deposit. We want you to be sure you are willing to take on this commitment for the entire life of the dog. After all, they are a part of the family.

However, ALL puppies remain "Available" until a deposit is placed on them. It's first come first serve, we do not hold puppies without a deposit.

How much is the deposit?

The non-refundable deposit is $300.00 and goes towards the total cost of said puppy.

Are Deposits Refundable?

No. When you place a deposit on a puppy, it takes the puppy off the market, preventing others who are interested in purchasing said puppy. This deposit is put towards the total cost of the puppy, helping pay for vaccinations, vet checks and other expenses that accrue. We understand life happens, if you are unable to purchase the puppy, the deposit can be transferred to a future litter for up to 1 year..

Do you have a Contract/Health Guarantee?

Yes. We offer a 5 year Health Guarantee.(*Restrictions Apply)  We have a detailed Purchase Agreement that will be emailed to you. You can sign it and return it right away or sign at the time of pickup/delivery of puppy.

Do you Ship/fly your puppies?

No. We feel it's too stressful on the puppies to ship.  However, in some cases we can use a transport nannie so the puppies can fly in cabin.  The buyer would be responsible for purchasing a two way ticket for the nannie plus any additional costs to fly the pet.  Generally averaging about $400. If you would like us to help deliver the puppy, we can make arrangements to do so for an additional fee depending on location. 

What do you feed your puppies?

To ensure Moody's Australian Shepherd dogs and puppies receive the best source of nutrition we feed Life's Abundance "All Stages" dog food. You can purchase it at www.lifesabundance.com/moodysaussies 

We also give Nuvet Pet Supplements that can be ordered online at NuVet.com using code 26131

What does my new puppy come with?

Each puppy receives age appropriate vaccinations, they're dewormed and placed on a heart worm/flea prevention regimen using Sentinel Spectrum and Microchipped. They'll be vet checked prior to leaving coming with a Health Certificate if I’m a state other than KY.

Each puppy will have a "Puppy Packet" that has educational info, Health Records, Microchip info etc. We also provide a blanket, toy, small bag of food, treats and vitamin supplements samples. 

How do I register my puppy?

Once your puppy becomes of age to be spayed/neutered, we request proof with documentation from licensed vet of surgery.  Once that is received, the fee to register the puppy/dog with ASDR is $25.  You can pay that fee to us via PayPal, Venmo or Zelle and we will register that puppy to you.

If you plan to SHOW/COMPETE your dog, the $25 ASDR fee is required and we will register the puppy to you as soon as you need it.  All registered dogs will begin with "Moodreaux's" at the beginning of the name. No Exceptions.

Can you guarantee the size of my puppy when he matures or guarante me it’s eyes won’t change colors?

Unfortunately, we can not guarantee either of those. A puppies eye color can change up until a year of age. As far as size, we can only give an estimated guess as to what that will be. We use puppy growth charts and go off the size of their parents. Genetics are a funny thing and can surprise you with the unexpected. 

What if something happens where I can no longer care for my puppy/dog or I move and can't take em' with me?

We will gladly take any of our puppies/dogs back at any time of their life for whatever reason.

Do you offer Pet Insurance?

We recommend TruPanion Pet insurance where you get a full months pet coverage for FREE when you activate your certificate within 24 hours from getting your new puppy. We will provide you with the certificate/code and you can activate online or via phone.