Moodreaux’s Dam- Minnie


About Me

My name is Minnie but I also get called Minnie Mouse when I’m being called back to my yard. 

I was born on 6-29-17 at Tinker Toy Aussies.

I’m a Black Tri with double blue eyes and A docked tail. But that doesn’t stop my butt from wiggling. I also have a beautiful smile that I like to show off. 

I‘m 15” at the withers and weigh approximately 25 lbs. I like to run laps around the yard which keeps me lean. 

Don't let my high drive full you, I have an off switch and could lay on the back of the couch all day just as long as I get to be around my humans. 


🐾America Stock Dog Registry (ASDR)

Registered as a Miniature Australian Shepherd 

Genetic Testing

Paw Print Genetics- Aussie Panel

PRA/PRCD-      Carrier (not affected)

CEA-                                                Clear

DM-                                                 Clear

MDR1-                                            Clear

HC-                                                  Clear

HSF4-                                              Clear