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Welcome to Moody's Australian Shepherds

Thanks for visiting!  Our Aussie lovin' family consists of myself, Christina, my husband, Matthew and our two children. We recently transitioned from Florida to Kentucky where I am a Registered Nurse and work in the Emergency Department. Matthew is a retired Rescue Swimmer from the United States Navy.  We raise quality, genetic tested, ASDR Miniature Australian Shepherds. Our dogs/puppies are friendly and home raised living inside as part of the family, not kennel’d.  Our puppies are socialized around our children, other 6 dogs and 6 cats. We love their natural tails and elect to not dock them. We love our animals and love this breed.💕 

We're Aussie Lovers!! 🙌🏻

It all started when we were stationed in Pensacola, Fl... we rescued our boy Ash whom we were told was an Aussie/Lab mix. My husband has always been a dog person and myself a cat person. We saw this gray ash colored (hence the name) fluff ball and immediately fell in love. Having a new baby on board, we thought it was the perfect time to get a puppy so they can grow up together.  We went through the normal puppy stages of potty training and him chewing everything in site etc... it was all trial and error for me. I remember putting him on a leash while inside the house just so I could keep him and my crawling baby boy insight and not having to worry about potty accidents. My entire family thought I had lost my mind lol. But It worked like a charm. I was no longer cleaning up sneak attack poop stacks or pee puddles.  He is the most gentle,  loving, most well behaved dog I’ve ever seen or had. That started our obsession with aussies. We rescued another aussie from the Pensacola shelter, Roxie.. She was older but such a sweet, Velcro loving dog. My in-laws begged and I mean begged us for her. They were recently retired and we knew they would be the perfect fit for her. And with them she stayed for the last 6 years of her life where she passed away peacefully in their arms. 

We officially fell in LOVE with this breed. They’re smart, stubborn, energetic, loving and loyal always wanting to please. Just an overall amazing dog. At that point I realized I’m a cat person and not a dog person.. I’m an AUSSIE dog person! We now have 6 aussies ranging from all different sizes and different personalities. Much like our 2 children lol.  We love our fur babies and are dedicated to happy healthy Australian Shepherds!

💕Below is our sweet boy Ash who started us on this journey of loving the amazing breed of Australian Shepherds.